TiSA: Towards a 21st century trade agreement


INTUG and CCIA strongly encourage removing access barriers in telecoms services, to lower user prices, facilitate global supply chains and boost economic growth and innovation. Nick White, EVP INTUG, was one of the main speakers at a webinar organised by CCIA and INTUG on 24 May to brief Trade Negotiators from around the world involved in the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA).  Nick summarised the needs of business users and stressed the importance of making cross border online trade easier.

INTUG continues to work together with CCIA to drive home these important messages. A joint letter was sent out to Trade Negotiators during the final stretch of negotiations on the TiSA. The letter describes how international corporate users rely on connectivity for networks in support of online business processes and communications.

The following specific actions were urged for the Trade Negotiators and their countries:

  • Inclusion of technology-neutral provisions and definitions for the application of wholesale access rules covering broadband where bottlenecks exist.
  • Strengthening requirements for transparent independent regulatory reviews.
  • Elimination of foreign equity caps in telecommunications to remove troublesome market barriers to growth in the global digital economy.
  • Building TiSA telecoms rules on the General Agreement on Trade in Services Plus(GATS), going beyond the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.

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