INTUG/BELTUG at ETNO-Mlex: 'Regulating for the User of the Future'


INTUG/BELTUG were present at the recent ETNO-Mlex regulatory summit on 24 May 2016, on “Regulating for the user of the future”, with Danielle Jacobs (Managing Director BELTUG/Chairman INTUG) taking part in the opening panel. Among the topics she discussed were the continued need for performant networks, the importance of a competitive environment and the problem with vendor lock-in.

She also spoke on the new challenges raised by the Internet of Things, specifically that it must be straightforward for businesses to change operator. With SIM cards now in devices that are located all over, it is not reasonable to physically change each and every SIM card. A solution must be found, and INTUG is pleased that the GSMA is working on this topic.

INTUG/BELTUG kindly thanks ETNO and Mlex for the opportunity to participate at the event, which also resulted in several very useful contacts.


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