European Digital Front-Runners: The Boston Consulting Group publishes new report


As part of the Digital Minds, BELTUG received the new report by The Boston Consulting Group on digitising Europe. The report lays out how Europe's digital forerunners, including Belgium, must make faster and stronger digitisation a priority.  These countries are to a greater extent driven by economic activities related to the internet and ICT. Dependent on easy access to a large digital market, they have more to gain from the digitisation of Europe, and therefore must act as leaders.

The report corresponds with BELTUG's position that meeting the digital technology and legislative needs of business users plays a key role in accelerating domestic and international economic growth. The report notes, however, that "digital is neither accelerated not ambitious enough to keep Europe and the forerunners at the forefront of global competitiveness". BELTUG will continue to work, including with initatives such as Ditigal Minds, to bring the digital needs of business users to the attention of all levels.

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