Indoor coverage: BELTUG leads working groups


Back in 2015, we already pointed out that indoor coverage was a growing problem - as always, based on the input we received from our members.  You can take a look at the position paper we published at the time.

This year, in collaboration with BIPT, the mobile operators and Agoria, working groups with all parties concerned have been set up to tackle the problems and raise awareness.  The construction industry is one major player: real estate developers, building contractors, architects, facility managers, etc. need to be aware of the issues and the importance of indoor coverage. They must be able to inform their customers about potential solutions, and include these solutions in the development stage of a building.

Within our role leading the BIPT working group for this information awareness campaign, we have already begun conversations with several parties in the construction industry, including the Building Confederation and ORI, the organisation of building engineers and consultants. They are very open to working with us, and to informing their members about the importance of creating buildings - everything from offices, to supermarkets, to manufacturing plants, and more -  in which everyone can easily connect and communicate.

BELTUG has also taken the lead in a second working group, tasked with creating more transparency, including setting up a framework for infrastructure reusability options. For example, when a property lease ends, can the indoor equipment go to the next occupant ? And what happens if a company changes mobile operator?

We'll keep you posted on our progress!


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