BIPT explains its 2016 operational plan and publishes market conditions report


BELTUG was invited to participate in the BIPT stakeholders meeting held in June 2016: BIPT is committed to providing transparency on its goals, accomplishments, funding and results.

During the session, BIPT shed some light on its operational plan 2016, and explained the 7 priorities for its strategy: supporting innovative services for users, fostering a long-term framework for investments and competition, supporting a reliable and qualitative digital environment, contributing to the distribution of information to consumers, stimulating participation and social coherence, facilitating permanent dialogue and being an attractive employer and strongly performing regulator.

BIPT report on the situation of the market for electronic communications

BIPT has also published its report on the market for electronic communications (available in Dutch and French). Amongst other findings: Proximus' share of the business market remains at 70-80%.  This arresting figure highlights the continuing need for BELTUG to call for more competition in the communications services business market.


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