Net Neutrality: BEREC publishes its Guidelines


BEREC has published its Guidelines of “common rules to safeguard equal and non-discriminatory treatment of traffic in the provision of internet access services and related end-users’ rights”: i.e. Net Neutrality.

The 10 articles (plus sub-articles) in the 45-page document cover a broad range of Net Neutrality issues, including end-user rights, transparency, supervision and penalties. Among the conclusions of BEREC, end-users should be able to use the internet from the terminal of their choice from the location of their choice, providers of internet access services shall treat all traffic equally, and internet service providers may implement “reasonable traffic management measures” that are “transparent, non-discriminatory and proportionate, and … not based on commercial considerations.”

During the Public Consultation for BEREC’s Guidelines, INTUG/BELTUG submitted a Position indicating that we firmly support Net Neutrality, but that the needs of business users must be approached differently from those of consumers. This included, for example, SLAs supporting Internet Access Services with a higher QoS and issues on VPNs.

The BEREC Guidelines do address some of the issues we raised, as “business services”, and indicate that they must be addressed “case by case”. We will analyse the Guidelines, to evaluate the consequences for business services.

You can download the Guidelines from the BEREC website and the earlier BELTUG/INTUG position here.

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