INTUG/BELTUG presents CoC for software publishers to software asset managers and publishers


INTUG/BELTUG discussed our proposal for a Code of Conduct (CoC) for Software Publishers with around 100 top Software Asset Managers from major international companies, at Software Asset Management (SAMS) Europe, in Berlin. During several round-table discussions with rotating participants, it became clear that the principles set out in the CoC are widely supported.

As a follow up, we will discuss the responses from various countries to see how we can build strong support and diffusion of the CoC. The initiative has already been endorsed by EuroCIO.

In addition, we have sent the CoC to BSA/The Software Alliance, in London, who have offered to distribute it to their members. To support an environment of positive collaboration, we will ourselves send the CoC directly to certain publishers, including Oracle, SAP, MS and IBM.

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