BELTUG moves forward on indoor coverage, with working groups on construction and transparency


Indoor coverage is a problem for half of the companies in Belgium, and BELTUG therefore is continuing to strive towards a market offering affordable, multi-operator solutions. This includes carrying out our role leading two BIPT working groups.

One of our first steps is to raise awareness within the construction industry: real estate developers, building contractors, architects, facility managers, etc. need to able to inform their customers about potential solutions, and include these solutions in the development stage of a building.

At our recent meeting with BIPT, the mobile operators and Agoria, we were very pleased with the participation of the Building Confederation and ORI, which presented their visions and requirements in this context. They described how important good coverage is in completed buildings, but also during construction. BELTUG and the construction players will continue to put the needs for buildings on paper, for discussion with the mobile operators and the BIPT.

Our second mission is to bring more transparency to fluctuating situations, specifically when a building tenant changes or when a company wishes to switch mobile operator. What happens then with the indoor coverage installations? BELTUG analysed the mobile operators’ contracts, to identify bottlenecks and ambiguities. These will be discussed with the mobile operators to create more transparency.

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