BELTUG talks software licences and priorities with Z-ICT


Software licences

BELTUG was recently interviewed by  Kanaal Z on challenges in software asset management. Danielle Jacobs, Managing Director of BELTUG, commented: "Some companies have a perfect view on how many company cars they have in their fleet, but remain unaware about their software licences".

During the interview, she stressed once again that software licences are far too complex, and urged software providers to solve the lack of transparency.



In a topical edition of Z-ICT (the ICT business stream of Kanaal Z television) Danielle Jacobs highlighted the current top priorities of CIOs in Belgium. The GDPR (the EU data protection regime, which enters into application on 25 May 2018) takes the absolute lead; other major topics on the CIOs’ agenda are security, cloud and mobility. Danielle also emphasized that IT security should be high on the agenda of every company's board meetings.

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