Software licensing: update on cooperation with BSA + new letter campaign


In June 2016, BELTUG/INTUG were invited to visit BSA/The Software Alliance headquarters in London to discuss the letters some of our members had received from the BSA regarding verifying their software licence compliance.

Following this productive discussion, BSA agreed to provide us with access to the on-line tools they propose for companies. Once we have receive this access, we will evaluate the usefulness of the tools for our members.

BSA will also communicate our Proposal for a Software Publishers’ Code of Conduct to its members (although it cannot impose the suggestions on them).

While we are pleased with the positive collaboration so far, unfortunately we have been informed by BSA of a new letter campaign in Belgium. We have expressed to BSA our hope that these letters take a more constructive tone than the previous letters.

Should you receive a letter from BSA, you are welcome to send us a copy!

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