BIPT report: how do telecom prices in Belgium compare?


Each year since 2014, the BIPT has carried out a study and published a report on prices for telecommunications services for professionals and small and medium enterprises in Belgium, compared with France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

In the 2016 report, the results show that "Mobile pricing in Belgium, particularly for data, is high compared to other countries." And while, in general, demand for mobile data is increasing in Belgium, the actual changes in demand, allowances and price reductions are not as sizable as in other countries.

For fixed prices, which remain important for businesses (less so for consumers), Belgium is faring comparatively well, especially for high usage levels. Attractive, low-cost international calling options from some providers benefit businesses that make a lot of international calls, in particular.

For single-user businesses, Belgium has the cheapest broadband services. The situation is not as favourable for multi-user businesses, but Belgium broadband prices for these business types remain very close to the rates of the cheapest countries.

The study also highlights that, unlike in other countries, multi-play is not the cheapest way for single-user businesses in Belgium to obtain services: “Belgian providers are more expensive than in other countries where this type of offer is available.”

Overall, however, the study found that, for most types and sizes of companies, changes from 2015 were rather minimal, and were in the realm of what could have been “typically expected”.

The 2016 report is available in English, Dutch and French on the BIPT website.

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