Towards a competitive market for e-archiving: Beltug Position


On 1 July 2016, the European eIDAS (electronic IDentification and Authentication Services framework) came into force. The objective is to build a sense of trust in the digital economy, through reciprocal recognition of electronic signatures, etc., in the EU.

The Digital Act was published in Belgium on September 28 2016, bringing Belgian law in-line with eIDAS. It was extended with a specific Belgian section on e-archiving.

Beltug is pleased that Belgium is including e-archiving; this puts us ahead of many countries. E-archiving is a service that can benefit all companies, from the smallest SME to the large multinational.

For them to benefit from this new law, however, we need a healthy market with a lot of competition. Certain missing aspects for potential service providers must be addressed to achieve this.

Beltug has prepared a Position (Dutch only), explaining the situation and pleading for co-operation between the government and the private sector, in order to create a good, short-term framework.

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