Beltug evaluates BSA tools


For some time, BSA/The Software Alliance has been sending letters to companies in Belgium, asking these companies to log-on to the BSA site where they would find information and tools to support their efforts to ensure compliance with software licensing requirements.

Beltug has always recommended against members logging on to the BSA site, as they have no contractual link with this organisation.

Rather, during our meeting with BSA in London, it was agreed that BSA would provide Beltug with access to the website, so that we could evaluate the proposed tools and information. 

We have now been through the site, and our conclusion is that there is some interesting information available. This includes insight on software asset management and referrals to information from certain BSA members.

However, we don't see any reason to make this information accessible only after log-in. We are now asking BSA to publish this information on the public area of their site.

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