The joint 2017 Beltug, Orange, Proximus & Telenet Belgian Business ICT Market Report: exclusively for our members


What's happening in Belgium ICT with enterprise mobility, vendor relations, employer/employee relations, Unified Communications and security budgets? The 2017 Belgian Business ICT Market report tackles these and many other questions.

This year, for the first time in the Belgian market, Orange, Proximus and Telenet have joined forces for an extensive study of the Belgian ICT market, enabled and coordinated by Beltug. The collaboration of these four parties has resulted in a comprehensive study of the Belgian ICT landscape.  Over 1540 respondents were interviewed, representing all layers of the Belgian economy - from one-person businesses to large multi-nationals.

This 70-page report, exclusively for Beltug members, provides the results from the large organisations, e.g. those with 200+ employees.

You can see the Table of Contents below, and Beltug members can access the entire report here (after log-on).

1 Introduction: Why a market study by Beltug, Orange, Proximus and Telenet?

2 Enterprise mobility

2.1 Device evolution

2.2 Use of devices at home or remotely

2.3 Mobile Device Management (MDM) and tools

2.4 The future of fixed phones

2.5 Mobile data subscriptions without voice

2.6 ‘One Number’

3 Vendor relations

3.1 Who manages the ICT?

3.2 Who is responsible for choosing?

3.3 A single provider for fixed and mobile services?

3.4 A single provider for IT & telecom?

3.5 I prefer to buy telecom & IT from…

3.6 Calls between employees included in the flat fee

3.7 Roaming costs

4 Employer – employee relations

4.1 Personal use of mobile communications

4.2 Internet for homeworkers

4.3 BYOD adoption

5 Market shares of the business market 200+ employees

5.1 How did we calculate the market shares?

5.2 Market shares of the business market 200+ employees – Voice

           5.3 Market shares of the business market 200+ employees – Mobile communications

5.4 Market shares of the business market 200+ employees – Fixed


5.5 Market shares of the business market 200+ employees –Corporate networks

6 Indoor coverage for mobile communications

6.1 Did your organisation invest in indoor coverage?

7 Internet of Things & Machine-to-Machine

7.1 Use of Internet of Things (IoT)– applications

7.2 Use of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications

7.3 Machine-2-Machine networks

8 Evolution of technologies

8.1 Optical fibre

8.2 Backup solutions for data

8.3 ‘Classic’ (TDM) PBX

8.4 Big Data

8.5 Software Defined Networking (SDN)

8.6 Use of WLAN

9 Communication tools

9.1 The Unified Communications (UC) market

9.2 UC products in Belgium

9.3 UC on-premises or in the cloud?

10 Voice evolution

10.1 Integrating UC and telephony

10.2 Free communication tools

10.3 Voice over Wi-Fi

10.4 Voice over LTE

11 Security

11.1 Employee-installed software on the PC

11.2 Which security tools are used in the company?

11.3 Security budgets are on the rise

11.4 Where did you buy most of your security products?

12 Cloud

12.1 Negotiating cloud contracts

12.2 Use of Software as a Service (SAAS)

12.3 Use of PaaS/IaaS

13 Methodology

13.1 Participants


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