Beltug/INTUG take part in EU cloud stakeholders meeting


As part of its efforts to offer a platform for cloud stakeholders and to stimulate the uptake of cloud in Europe, the European Commission organised a Digital Single Market Cloud Stakeholder meeting on 29 June. Beltug and INTUG took part in the meeting, at which the European Cloud Strategy was discussed, including the Code of Conduct (CoC) for cloud service providers prepared by the Cloud Select Industry Group.

The purpose of this CoC is to make it easier and more transparent for cloud customers to determine whether cloud services meet their needs in terms of data protection requirements, and specifically in regards to the GDPR. The CoC is still a work in progress, as it needs to be adapted to be in-line with the GDPR, which will only be possible after May 2018.

The European Commission presented and discussed its strategy for the cloud stakeholder platform. Participants had the opportunity to share experiences and discuss in an interactive way the main workstreams needed to contribute to the development of a European cloud ecosystem, and to provide input for upcoming EU policies regarding the Digital Single Market.

Beltug/INTUG were pleased to represent business users at the meeting, and will continue to do so, including jointly with EuroCIO. We will follow-up with the European Commission in the autumn.

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