Encouraging innovation in contact centres: Beltug and BISON


Ann Guinée of Beltug was pleased to be invited to be part of the Advisory Board for the BISON (Big speech data analytics for contact centres) contact centre innovation project.

Contact centres are an important business for Europe: 35,000 contact centres generate 3.2 million jobs. To encourage innovation in the domain, BISON brings together a consortium of seven companies and organisations from the EU, with complementary skills.

Specifically, the aim of this consortium is to bring significant innovations in:

  • Basic speech data mining technologies (systems quickly adaptable to new languages, domains and contact centre campaigns)
  • Business outcome mining from speech (translated into improvement of a contact centres’ Key Performance Indicators)
  • Contact centre support systems integrating both speech and business outcome mining in user-friendly way

At the Advisory Board meeting in November 2017, the progress of the project was presented and further recommendations were exchanged, regarding, amongst others, privacy regulations and the anonymisation of data. The seven BISON consortium members are EBOS, ComCzech, Phonexia, Brno University, Telefónica, the University of Bologna and (Belgian company) MyForce.

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