Beltug expands international perspectives with EuroCIO


All Beltug members operate in an environment that is impacted by ‘Europe’ or by global regulations, and some two-thirds of Beltug members are active internationally. Beltug, which already works closely with INTUG, has now also joined EuroCIO.

INTUG is the international association of business users of electronic communications, while EuroCIO represents large, private and public IT users (the demand side of IT) and is active in 13 European countries. Working with both organisations will enable Beltug to extend its reach – from national to international and from electronic communication to digital technology - in order to better represent the voice of members and address their priorities.

The cooperation will give Beltug a stronger position towards market players, for example, major software publishers/suppliers.

It will also enhance knowledge sharing about topics that are increasingly international, such as privacy. In the face of new challenges and requirements, comparing best practices across countries will give members the confidence that they have considered all the issues and made the best decisions.

Within the cooperation, Beltug General Manager Danielle Jacobs joined the Board of EuroCIO.

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