Beltug challenges Microsoft: Takeaways from our meeting of 18 January 2018


Microsoft is an important supplier for a large number of our members, and over the past months we have received a lot of requests for a group meeting with the company. We set up a users-only session with Microsoft, to go over our members' questions and topics, and to discuss experiences and concerns interactively.


More than 20 participants from different sectors took part, enabling very dynamic and lively discussion.


Among the key topics discussed:

  • Microsoft’s compliance with the GDPR – follow-up is needed by Beltug and Microsoft
  • The status and roadmap for Azure
  • Licensing – it is difficult to have part of the workload on-site and part in the cloud? What about voice integration in Belgium? Microsoft states it will do fewer audits, but will become more active in SAM. This include providing more information to customers on what they are missing. They also will work to detect older software, which can pose a security risk.
  • The vision and roadmap for intelligent communication and voice integration


The discussions were highly appreciated by the participants, with one stating: "I learned more in 2 hours than in various meetings of our company with Microsoft".


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