Danielle Jacobs comments on Argenta and on the GDPR, in De Tijd and De Morgen


One of Beltug’s important pledges to our members is to work on the barriers companies face in their digital strategy. Danielle Jacobs was spreading Beltug’s messages recently in press articles in De Tijd and De Morgen.

In De Tijd, Danielle reflected on the recent ICT breakdown at Argenta.  She states that this failure could have happened to any company, as all aspects of a company are interwoven with each other, making companies vulnerable.  You can read the full article at De Tijd.

With the recent scandals and enquiries on Facebook, De Morgen took a look at the upcoming GDPR, and explored whether it will indeed improve personal data protection.  Interviewed for the article, Danielle confirmed that the overall level companies maintain for handling data will increase with the arrival of the GDPR.  She also reflected on the 'right to inspection' included in the GDPR: if this right is exercised by many individuals, companies might want to automate their processes to handle all the requests. You can read the full article via De Morgen. (This link brings you to the article in Gopress, the digital press kiosk. Registration is free of charge. Registered users can read one article per day for free. For users with a subscription, reading this article is included.)

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