Beltug urgently calls for higher emission standards, to enable 5G


Uncertainty about emission standards in Brussels is resulting in economic loss, as businesses and public institutions worry about the future of 5G in the capital. Beltug has published a Position (in FR and NL) pleading for higher emission standards, in order to enable a timely implementation of 5G.


Mobile communications are increasingly critical for businesses and public institutions, and the use of data-driven applications in particular is growing exponentially. Data consumption has doubled, so modern and efficient networks are absolutely essential.


5G is more than just an extension of 4G: it offers new and vast opportunities for innovation. But different regions of Belgium are applying different emission standards, creating concern and confusion.


And the very low emission standard in Brussels could even make deployment of a full-fledged 5G network impossible in this Capital of Europe.


Beltug believes that 5G capability, implemented in a timely way, is essential for the success of companies and public entities alike. We plead with the policy makers to take action now, to ensure an innovative future for Brussels and Belgium.


You can read more on the issue in articles in Computable (NL only) and Datanews (FR and NL).






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