EuroCIO Supplier Satisfaction Survey reveals weak points in vendor relationships, and need for more balanced, innovative partnerships


The European CIO Association (EuroCIO) has completed its second Supplier Satisfaction Survey, providing key and valuable insights from more than 100 ‘user’ companies on suppliers’ practices, cloud and on-premise services.


Beltug has been involved in this study, as a member of EuroCIO. Furthermore, relations with software suppliers are important to Beltug and our members. Our recent survey on the priorities of Belgian companies revealed the licensing policies of the major software vendors to be a top priority.


The EuroCIO Survey compares the main vendors in various domains covering services, quality, delivery, customer engagement and license /contract management practices. In addition, EuroCIO has assessed the CIOs views and plans regarding exit strategies. This is the second release after the first survey in 2016. 


The results contain a ‘wake-up call’ to vendors, revealing a substantial level of dissatisfaction among CIOs/users with some of the cloud services in particular. This frustration explains the slowdown of cloud adoption across Europe. 


Another problem area confirmed by the Survey is unhappiness with the inflexible license/contract management practices of the main vendors, such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM and Salesforce. Strengthened by these results, EuroCIO continues its long-time call for more balanced and transparent supplier relationships, as well as for innovative partnerships.


The Survey results were shared and discussed with the European Commission’s DG Competition on September 17th. In addition, EuroCIO is available to speak with vendors individually to discuss and analyse specific results and data, and their own position in the market from the perspective of the CIO members.

From left to right: Ronald Verbeek, Director, CIO Platform Nederland, the Netherlands, Freddy Van den Wyngaert, Secretary-General EuroCIO, Thomas Endres, President Voice, Germany – Co-chair EuroCIO, Emmanuel Gaudin, CIO Lagardère – Co-chair EuroCIO, Poul Erik Rasmussen, Member of the Board, Dansk IT.

EuroCIO is a not-for-profit association representing the business ICT users’ needs and cooperates with various departments of the European Commission. It counts over 1000 member organisations, represented by their highest IT manager or CIO. It also partners with European national level organisations including:

  • AICA (Italy)
  • Beltug (Belgium)
  • CIGREF (France)
  • CIO Club (Bulgaria)
  • CIO Council (Romania)
  • CIO Platform Nederland (the Netherlands)
  • Dansk IT (Denmark)
  • Hellenic CIO Forum (Greece)
  • Tivia (Finland)
  • TUBIYAD (Turkey)
  • VISZ (Hungary
  • (Germany)Voice E-V


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