As BIPT evaluates competition in the business telecoms market, Beltug is engaged


For years, Beltug has asked the BIPT to look into the business market. We are very pleased that it has begun to analyse market competition. Beltug is a privileged partner in this work.

To gain a better insight into how the business telecommunications services market functions, Beltug met with the BIPT.  The companies that participated in the meeting brought several issues to the table, and we were able to provide input from 40 companies and government institutions.

Your input is still welcome: send us your observations and comments ( ‘telegram style’ is fine) or ask us to call you so we can listen to your feedback:

  • Do you receive enough proposals when you issue an RFP?
  • Are there parts of the country where you find it difficult to receive different offerings?
  • Are there places where you would like to have fibre, but you find it too expensive or even even available?
  • What do you think of the dynamics in the market regarding the price, quality and the availability of services/functionalities?
  • Is there anything else we can use to demonstrate shortcomings and hurdles in the market?

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