Beltug calls urgently for nomination of new DPA management team


Beltug is very concerned about the continued delay in the nomination of a new management team at the DPA (Data Protection Authority). With the many questions and need for clarification on the GDPR in particular, this situation is putting businesses in an untenable situation, even as they try to ensure their compliance with the regulation.


When the GDPR came into effect in May 2018, the DPA replaced the previous Privacy Commission. Companies are required to comply with the GDPR, or face significant fines for non-compliance. However, Beltug members have expressed the need for support, clarification, and answers to specific questions. The DPA has a key role to play in providing interpretation and direction on the GDPR. The delay in nominating a new management team thus puts the companies at risk of non-compliance.


To give one example, our members bring us many questions about managing the data of their employees. The information on the DPAs website has not been updated yet.


As the Chamber of the Belgian Parliament is responsible for the nominations, at end-November 2018 Beltug sent a letter to the President of the Chamber, Siegfried Bracke, as well as to the different political parties. You can read the letter, which expresses the concerns of the businesses and attempts to stimulate action, in NL and FR.


In the meantime, a German-language assessment has been carried out.


The hearings have now been organised for the Parliament. They will be completed by 13 February, and we hope that soon after the new management team will be confirmed.


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