Beltug Privacy Council - our high-level peer group


Every eight weeks, the Beltug Privacy Council gathers to discuss and exchange issues and questions in the area of privacy and GDPR.  Through these high-level, multidisciplinary discussions, this task force (a group of 30+ experts in Privacy and GDPR, from various Belgian companies and public organisations) makes suggestions and recommendations to Beltug regarding issues, activities and lobbying efforts that can be undertaken in the area of privacy.


Their input has inspired the recent event on privacy and our pragmatic tools and guidance - see our dedicated page on GDPR and Privacy.


During the next Privacy Council meeting, we will welcome to the table Willem Debeuckelaere, President of the Belgian Data Protection Authority.


Other topics on the agenda include (to name only a few):


  • A pragmatic checklist to define companies/industries that are typically a process or controller
  • Hard Brexit vs. Soft Brexit: What do companies need to do?  How can they prepare for either scenario?
  • The ins and outs of binding corporate rules
  • How to handle a data breach.


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