Full speed ahead, with the Blockchain task force!


Our Blockchain task force, founded mid-2018, is now working at full speed!  Its 35+ members bring together expertise from various sectors, meeting every two months to discuss potential barriers in the adoption of this new technology. 


They help provide content for our members: such as insight into how to govern a consortium, and a Position Paper to inform our future government of the legislative hurdles to Blockchain adoption.


The task force is also a valuable sounding board and peer-to-peer platform for the participating members.  The Flemish Government, for instance, sought advice on its self-sovereign identity project.  And CGI reached out regarding a study it conducted with the PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts.


Further down the line, various topics will be on the agenda such as:


  • Memorandum – questions and position towards the new government
  • Governance of Blockchain projects
  • Aiming to be a valuable conversation partner for government
  • GDPR and Blockchain
  • How to build a business case? How to start? Who invests? Methodology
  • Importance of interoperability - Promotion of standards


You can find more about the Blockchain Taskforce and mission here.


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