DPA: time for the real work to begin


The decision has been made, and the Chamber of Representatives has approved the appointment of the new DPA Data Protection Authority Management Board. Beltug is satisfied that the successor to the Privacy Commission can now finally begin working at full speed. “It is high time for action. We look forward to the vision and priorities of the new management at the DPA. We will cooperate constructively to find answers to the many questions of our members", says Beltug director Danielle Jacobs.


May will already mark a year since the European privacy regulation GDPR came into force. All companies must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. But there is still much uncertainty about the interpretation of some issues. In addition, companies are asking for guidance.


Beltug has brought together a group of privacy experts from 40 companies in the Beltug Privacy Council. Danielle Jacobs: “The specialists meet on a regular basis to discuss their approach, experiences and problems. This consultation, along with the many questions we also receive from other member companies and organisations, shows how difficult it is to translate the legal provisions into IT and other processes. The role of the DPA is crucial here. "


Priorities for the new management


“To give just one example, we receive many questions about the management of personnel data in the context of the GDPR. The correct information is not yet available.  When we contacted the DPA, we were informed that the information on its website about ‘privacy in the workplace' had not been updated, because they wanted the new management to deal with this", explains Danielle Jacobs.


The lack of information has far-reaching consequences. “One insurance company decided to stop sending appraisal conclusions to the brokers by e-mail, using post instead, out of uncertainty. We therefore insist on rapid information on this subject, because it interests all companies and their employees.”


Danielle Jacobs and Beltug are reaching out to the new management: “We have gathered specialists from different sectors in our Privacy Council, all with legal, security or data protection expertise. We want to make that expertise available to help find solutions to the problems that arise today or to clarify the ambiguities.”


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