INTUG/Beltug support ETNO and GSMA position on Connected Cars standard


As the European Parliament and Council debate the Delegated Regulation on Co-operative Intelligent transport Systems (C-ITS), INTUG/Beltug wish to express the strong support of the business user community for a forward-looking standard based on LTE and 5G such as the Cellular-Vehicle to Everything Standard (C-V2X), rather than the initially proposed 802.11p standard.


INTUG/Beltug join with GSMA and ETNO in welcoming the call from the European Parliament Transport Committee to halt the delegated regulation, and to replace it with a standard which will bring greater business benefits in terms of economic growth and improved productivity. Claims that subsequent change can be made with backwards compatibility are unsound, and will in any event produce inefficiencies from a two-step approach.

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