New consumer rate caps for international EU calls and texts as of 15 May: check your bills!


In December 2018, the EU passed the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC): a new piece of telecom legislation aimed at promoting 5G, innovation and economic strength. This Directive should be implemented into Belgian legislation over the coming years; Beltug will closely follow the evolution.


Among other measures,  the EU is closing a loophole in the regulations that ended roaming. Specifically, for the consumer market, it has decided to:

  • cap the retail price of mobile or fixed calls from the caller’s home country to another EU country [international calls] at 19 cents per minute.
  • cap the prices for intra-EU text messages at 6 cents per message.
  • The new caps will apply as of 15 May 2019.


Beltug considers that business customers should not pay more than individual customers.


We recommend that members check the prices for international calls from Belgium to other European countries on their bills and contact their providers to discuss such caps, when they see they pay higher tariffs.


You can find out more about this telecom reform here.

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