Beltug meets the new DPA president, plus new privacy tools


We were honoured to welcome David Stevens, the new President of the Belgian Data Protection Authority (DPA), to our 6 May Beltug Privacy Council meeting. 


In a very open and transparent conversation, we learned that the DPA aims to be pragmatic, dynamic and efficient.  Under this approach, the DPA acknowledges that 'there is more than the legal side to a privacy problem' - and intends to act upon that.  Decisions will not be based solely on legal, but also on technical and 'reality-based', grounds.


The DPA is also very keen to be 'open' - to listen to the different actors in the market, such as Beltug. For our part, we are looking forward to maintaining constructive and open relations with the DPA.


David Stevens and Charlotte Dereppe, from the DPA, will talk about their strategy and focus at our 19 June session on Privacy.


Meanwhile, we’ve added some new tools on GDPR and Privacy on our website: a one-pager on the impact of Brexit from a GDPR perspective and an example of a Privacy Statement for Employees, meant to help employees understand what personal data their employer collects on them, why he collects it and what he does with it.

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