Beltug gives business users an international voice


The cooperative of national users’ associations has been founded to improve the balance between the representation of business users and of IT vendors to the European institutions. Beltug is pleased to be a founding member of this unique organisation, which is the largest European, independent, not-for-profit representative for large-scale, private and public IT users.


All Beltug members operate in an environment that is impacted by ‘Europe’ or by global regulations, and some two-thirds of Beltug members are active internationally.


There is therefore a need to share and discuss common concerns with strong, international, IT services providers, including (but not limited to):


  • cloud exit possibilities
  • risks of vendor lock in
  • complicated software licensing schemes
  • acceptable practices and behaviour for software publishers
  • unambiguous software licensing contracts with a clear definition of responsibilities for both software vendors and customers.



As this cannot be done on the national level, it will be a key role of, along with creating positions on the many regulatory issues, for the European Commission and related authorities.



Beltug will be very active in working to ensure that creates real value for our members, including through Danielle Jacobs’ position on the Board of Directors. We will keep our members informed of the activities of the cooperative.

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