Following strong growth, Blockchain task force creates subgroups


The Beltug Blockchain Task Force - a working group of 40+ enthusiastic Blockchain experts - is outgrowing itself, and continues to receive requests from new candidates! In order to continue its mission as a valuable sounding board and peer-to-peer platform for the participating members, and to provide content for the general Beltug members, the Task Force has created 4 smaller sub-groups that will facilitate a collaborative and efficient approach to concrete topics and actions.


The areas have been defined as:


  • Education & awareness
  • Barriers to adoption/business case
  • Legal/regulatory

  • Identity


These sub-groups will create check-lists, recommendations and papers that will be available to all Beltug members.


During the last meeting, a Position Paper was finetuned to inform our future government of the legislative hurdles to Blockchain adoption. 


At this same meeting, Pierre Marro from the European Commission, DG Connect, presented the EU’s blockchain strategy, with an overview of the ambitions and plans for EBSI (the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure).

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