Beltug promotes gender-balanced work culture


While women remain under-represented in the world of ICT, they are here and are very active! And we are proud that many choose to be Beltug members. 16% of our members are women, exchanging experiences and insights. So while there is definitely room for improvement, we believe we and the sector are on the right track, and we are committed to empowering them to grow in their ambitions. According to the European Commission, women account for 52% of the European population, yet hold only 15% of ICT-related jobs. 26 European Member States and Norway have signed a declaration to encourage women to play an active and prominent role in the digital and technology sectors.


The private sector is also taking action., of which Beltug is a founding member, has signed the Declaration on Gender Balanced Company Culture, along with 30 major companies and organisations from Europe and the US, who have committed to a gender balanced work culture.


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