Beltug polls users on cybercrime at Cyber Security Summit


Danielle Jacobs, CEO of Beltug, was invited to open the programme for the 2019 Heliview Cyber Security Summit, along with Chairman Erik R. van Zuuren. They used an opinion poll to create an interactive discussion with the +-150 participants.


While the poll did not produce statistically valid results, it did provide interesting insights into the experiences of the diverse group of ICT & Cyber Professionals with cybercrime. To give a few highlights:


  • The Board: not even 50% of the participating companies have a professional security/data protection department. Other companies said that not enough attention is being paid to the issue of cyber security by their management/Board.
  • Cyber crimes: 1 in 3 of the companies has experienced phishing. Other cyber crimes they have experienced include CEO fraud, invoice fraud, ransomware, DDOS and hacking.
  • Cloud: 70% of the companies are actively paying attention to what they put in the cloud, for security reasons.


Have a look at the rest of the interesting insights, here.






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