Beltug extends its international dimension to support member needs


As Beltug members cover both national and international profiles, extending our international dimension enables us to better meet the needs of our diverse member base.


New commissioner for Digital Age and Competition


We are very pleased to have a new European Commissioner for Digital Age and Competition, Margrethe Vestager (Executive Vice President-Designate of the European Commission). We look forward to cooperating with her and her team, together with other national associations. We have several important topics to discuss with them, such as market concentration in the software business and 5G challenges.


INTUG/Beltug maintain close ties with ITU, speak at ITU Telecom World


In recognition of the positive reciprocal relationship between INTUG and ITU, INTUG/Beltug has again been awarded an exception from ITU’s membership fees. Valid for four years, this exception demonstrates that both organisations receive ‘mutual and similar benefits’ from their association.


Most recently, Danielle Jacobs spoke at ITU Telecom World, held in Budapest, Hungary from 9-12 September. She represented the voice of the business users on a debate titled 'Regulating the future: safe, inclusive, connected'. She discussed the increasing importance of international cooperation, as most companies, regardless of size, work cross border and face the challenge of digital ubiquity. Compliance with laws and regulation is very complex for these organisations, as the differing regulations are impacted not only by the national telecommunications authorities, but also from health, banking, citizen approval, etc.


Danielle's blog on "Data protection laws: the ‘IT business user’ perspective" has been published by ITU; you can read it here. queries members on expectations


Beltug is a founding member of, which has the potential to offer our members real value and benefits through cooperation with our sister organisations in other countries. is looking into the content these organisations can share: whether papers, checklists, etc. With this information, we aim to bring new value to our member companies.



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