Beltug is looking for a Business Manager!

Who are we? 


Beltug brings digital technology leaders together to share best practices. We are a knowledge-sharing platform, with 1800 members, from almost 500 large and midsize companies. 


Our strategy is moulded to the priorities of our members.  


Each year, we organise more than 35 events for our members on a range of topics such as AI, security, software licensing, 5G, blockchain, etc. 


Based on input from our members, we prepare papers and recommendations so they don’t need to reinvent the wheel. 


Where we see barriers for companies building their digital strategy, we talk to governments and regulators, to bring our positions to their attention.  


We work together with CIO associations in other countries to represent our members’ interests at the EU level. 


We believe: 

  • that together we can make a bigger difference. 
  • that sharing real life cases and bringing together CIOs, IT security managers, privacy specialists, software asset managers, IT architects, etc. offers irreplaceable value. 



Why are we looking for a ‘BUSINESS MANAGER’? 


To support our growth and ambitions, and to create even more initiatives to support our member companies, we want to expand our committed team.  



Are you and Beltug the right fit? 


Are you interested in joining an ambitious association, dedicated to providing value to our ever-increasing number of members?   



We promise you: 

  • no two days will be the same. 
  • you will be the first to learn about upcoming technologies & trends. 
  • you will become a strong pillar in the visibility of our growing community. 
  • you will be supported in your growth by our senior team. 
  • you will be part of a small team with short communication lines.
  • you will have a challenging agenda, which involves you in a variety of topics, ranging from technical, to legal, and even political 



What will your day look like at Beltug?  


  • You will plan and organise your days autonomously, based on your agenda and priorities. 
  • You will work mostly from home, but will participate in plenty of meetings (mainly in the Brussels area), with different stakeholders (members, regulators, service providers, etc.). 
  • These meetings will touch on many issues, including (to name a few current ‘hot’ topics) software asset management, hybrid IT, cyber security, IoT, smart collaboration, privacy, blockchain, data governance, artificial intelligence, etc. 
  • In consultation with various stakeholders, you will write positions or develop best practices from which all our members can benefit. 
  • You will organise events for our members, including determining the program, coordinating with the speakers, introducing and moderating the event, etc. 



Do you recognise your profile? 


  • You can work independently but you are also a team player. 
  • You are intrigued by all ICT topics like cloud, privacy, cyber security, 5G, AI, etc, but you are not necessarily a technical specialist. 
  • You are comfortable interacting with CIOs, as well as with all other levels in an organisation. 
  • You have a can-do, will-do mentality, and are eager to organise events, to bring people together, to stimulate discussion and debate, and to moderate gatherings. 
  • You quickly grasp the essence without needing to understand all the tiny details. 
  • You are not shy, but you like to let other people’s ideas and knowledge shine. 
  • You have good communication skills. 
  • You can write effective summary reports of interactive meetings. 
  • You are fluent in French / English / Dutch. 



If you see yourself and your future here, apply now by sending an e-mail to Danielle Jacobs with your CV and motivation!  




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