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Can you share your tips and concerns about ICT
during Covid-19?


Members have been contacting us to find out how other companies are handling their ICT challenges in this difficult time. Beltug can act as a 'peer lifeline' for ICT decision makers, whether at home or the office, keeping their colleagues connected.

Can you share experiences that other companies can benefit from? All input is welcome!


  • Telecom networks (bandwidth, latency, quality of service)
  • Collaboration tools
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Relationships with ICT providers and consultants
  • Changes or impact on software licences
  • Business continuity
  • etc


Furthermore, Beltug remains here to help you: let us know if we can do something for you, such as bringing you into contact with other companies, or if you have suggestions for what we can do together.

You can send your responses (bullet point answers are fine) to Kirsten (please do not use the reply button on this email). If you prefer, we can call you to hear your concerns and tips.

We will share the input we receive ASAP. Thank you very much for your contribution,

The Beltug team

Here are a few tips we have already received:

  • There are many different web meeting tools being used. When you set up a web meeting, create a mini 'How to' with basic functionalities for your correspondent such as 'how to share your camera', 'how to mute your mic', 'how to share your screen', etc.
  • Find innovative ways to provide the flexibility for employees working at home. Some members are enabling employees to take a 'one-hour holiday'. Others allow extended work days so employees can be more flexible with their work hours.
  • Several companies are setting up virtual call centres in the cloud for communication with employees and customers.

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