Beltug CIO Cabinet discussions drive Beltug initiatives for Covid-19 policies and tools


The Covid-19 confinement, and the subsequent efforts to reopen offices and workspaces, has created many ICT challenges for organisations.


Throughout this time, the Beltug CIO Cabinet has been meeting frequently to discuss and launch ideas for cooperation by Beltug members. This high-level group of 30+ CIOs has brought their shared expertise to the issue of Covid-19 policies and tools.


Based on their input, we are working on 3 new initiatives:

  • recommendations for a corporate policy that blends office working and homeworking (a ‘hybrid’ way of working) (coming soon)
  • a list of apps and wearables for social distancing and tracing that are available in Belgium
  • recommendations for the question to ask the provider of social distancing and tracing apps and wearables (coming soon)


You can also find out more about the CIO Cabinet in their Mission and Scope.





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