Where is the future of telecoms in Belgium going?


Recent and upcoming decisions are shaping the future of the Belgian telecommunications landscape.


  • Telenet and Fluvius have decided to work together for a strong data network in Flanders. Earlier, Orange and Proximus had agreed that they want to share 5G infrastructure.


  • The Safety Council has decided that the Belgian 5G infrastructure will have to meet strict security conditions, which may have a major impact on which suppliers the telecommunication companies can choose to work with.


  • There are still no decisions on the timing for the auctions for the 5G spectrum. Consequently, the BIPT wanted to offer temporary licences to enable 5G to take off. This initiative was foreseen for May. However, due to a large number of reactions to the preliminary consultation, this has not yet taken place. Beltug firmly states that it is critical these licences be released shortly, with no further delay, due to their importance.


While 5G is included in the discussions on the next Federal Government, the situation is very unsure. Beltug hopes that 5G will be deblocked very soon, as its implementation is so important for our future economy.


Many decisions are being made that will have a significant, long-term impact on the Belgian telecoms market.


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