Beltug participates in Knowledge Centre Data & Society webinar on contact tracing apps


On 16 June, Beltug took part of an expert panel set up by Knowledge Centre Data & Society, the knowledge centre for juridical, ethical and societal aspects of artificial intelligence and data-driven applications.

Together, Bart Preneel (KU Leuven), Jef Hooyberghs (VITO), Koen Repriels (imec), Ilse Mariën (VUB) and Danielle Jacobs (CEO of Beltug) shed light on the societal impact of contact tracing apps.


Belgian government-lead contact tracing app

Bart Preneel (head of KU Leuven COSIC and Chairman of the interfederal working group on Covid-19 tracing apps) gave an overview of the contact tracing app that is in the pipeline for Belgium. To guarantee the anonymity of the user, this app will not use location data.  Instead, it will rely on Bluetooth technology. It will collect as little data as necessary (data minimisation) and will be operational abroad.


Beltug calls for clear usage framework

Further in the discussion, Danielle Jacobs stressed the need for a clear framework for the use of contact tracing apps and wearables in the workplace. She also emphasised that there is room for collaboration between the Government and companies on the privacy aspects.


You can read the full report of the debate and watch the webinar (in Dutch) on the Knowledge Centre's website.





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