BELTUG to expand operations


At the VIP evening yesterday and in the presence of some 250 guests, BELTUG presented its new and enlarged scope of activities – it is much more than just a new look.
Over the next years, our way of communication will change drastically as new players will appear and the technology evolves super-fast… In fact, communications become evermore fascinating but also more complex. BELTUG wants to anticipate the many questions emanating within the business community.
As regards content, telecoms will make room for communication technology and services. BELTUG’s activities will leave room – in addition to the more technical subjects – for the impact of communication on business.
Since an increasing number of people in the companies are involved with communications policy, BELTUG’s target group will be expanded to all “iCt” professionals such as ICT managers, purchase ICT, ICT lawyers, architects, business analysts, telecoms en contract managers.
Anyhow, BELTUG remains an independent user group – with exchanging information and expertise, and the promotion of interests of the business users as a firm basis.
Right now, all goes well with our association: we will soon have more than 600 members!

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