Beltug and sister associations join forces on competition issues with software providers


Beltug and its sister CIO associations Cigref (France), CIO Platform (Netherlands) and Voice (Germany), have drafted a joint letter to the European Commission’s competition department, calling for “a broader scope and new tooling for authorities to better understand and redress unfair and unwanted behaviour by dominant actors in the digital technology markets.”


The associations want the EU to take action “to address the negative sides of the dominance of a limited group of suppliers” of corporate software applications, and have raised issues with large software vendors and cloud providers including SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Salesforce. The associations in general aim to rebalance the negotiating power between their members and the major IT vendors.


The activities of Beltug and the other CIO associations were highlighted in a recent article in Politico, which focussed on the complaint against SAP filed by Voice (our German sister association).


You can read the Politico article here.




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