Beltug launches Digital Innovation Task Force


Sharing knowledge among peers is one of the core goals of Beltug. Our task forces give peers working in specific areas the opportunity to regularly exchange ideas and insights on questions or topics they struggle with.


To address the broader and growing scope of innovation, our Blockchain Task Force has evolved into the Digital Innovation Task Force.


With the rise of 5G, IoT, blockchain and AI, as well as the growing importance of data, ever-more companies are embracing digital innovation to increase efficiency and to build their strategy.


Beltug’s Innovation Task Force will offer businesses and organisations ('users' only, not ICT providers) a platform to:

  • exchange experiences on how to bring innovation to their organisation

  • discuss barriers and how to bring them to the right platforms, regulators and the Government.


If you are interested in joining the Beltug Innovation Task Force (users only!), read the Mission and Scope of this task force here and then send an email to Danielle explaining your interest and what you can bring to the group.


You can also find out about our other task forces: the Privacy Council, the CIO Cabinet and the SAM (Software Asset Management) Task Force.




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