Be alert: Cybercriminals ramp up efforts during pandemic


Belgian (and other) companies are coming under increased attacks by cybercriminals during the COVID-19 crisis. With most employees working from home, new security threats arise.


In one particular scheme, the fraudsters meticulously recreate the login pages of popular platforms such as Microsoft Office 365, PayPal and other online services. They then send their victims a phishing message such as "Your mailbox is going to be blocked. Check your account". They provide a link or attachment (to a fake website), and prompt the target to log in. The unsuspecting user thus unknowingly gives the cybercriminals his or her login details.


It is important to stay alert and aware of these types of attacks. In recent events for our members, Beltug covered cyber attack response planning and Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Policies, while our Security Task Force brings CISOs together to discuss their specific issues.


In addition, Beltug cooperates with the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium (CCB), to share information that can support our members’ security needs and goals. More information on this specific phishing scheme can be found on the CCB website in English, Dutch and French.







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