Beltug and sister associations issue joint opinion on the Digital Markets Act (DMA)


Beltug and sister CIO associations Cigref (France), CIO Platform (Netherlands) and Voice (Germany), have drafted a joint opinion for the European Commission regarding the proposed Digital Markets Act (DMA). In it, we call on the authorities to ensure that the DMA rebalances the relationships between business users and providers in the digital markets.


The associations highlight several gaps in the DMA that are important for business users, including:


  • The definition of gatekeepers: a too restrictive view of platforms
  • The proposed remedies: high expectations and potentialities on blacklisted practices
  • The ex-ante approach in a fast-evolving market: an imperative need for an evolutive regulation.


In the opinion, we elaborate on each of these issues, and make a proposal for the DMA.


In the coming months, we will reach out to the relevant parties at the Belgian and EU levels, to defend our vision and to make sure that the needs and voice of the business users are being heard and addressed. We will keep our members informed.




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