Beltug calls for ‘no more delays’ on 5G in Belgium


5G is a game-changer, and Belgium risks falling behind if the current delays in our country continue. Beltug has drafted a Position that explains what is at stake for our businesses and economy.


As the infrastructure of the future, the 5G networks will determine Belgium's digital and economic future. Smart cities, the Internet of Things, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence, drones and advanced digital applications all require the greater speed, reduced latency and other advantages of 5G.


18 European countries have already held auctions for 5G frequencies, while in Belgium there is still no political agreement to start the auction procedure. Yet uncertainty is extremely harmful for our businesses, and further delay sends a very negative signal.


The main messages of our Position include:


Beltug sincerely hopes that our politicians are aware of the importance of 5G networks. 5G is the infrastructure of the future and will carry the economy.


Our recent market study shows that for 60% of companies and government agencies in Belgium, uncertainty about timing is the biggest challenge with regard to 5G.


The essence of our standpoint: ensure competition in the professional market. 5G primarily brings added value in the professional market - private companies, public institutions, hospitals, universities, stations, ports etc.  It is through the applications they build that 5G will ultimately benefit the consumers/individuals.


Companies and government will have an interest in healthy competition at the provider's side. It is important to ensure that the opportunities for players in that business market are not cut off.


Our Position is available in Dutch and French.







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