Beltug's Security Task Force kicks off



What do password-less authentication, zero trust and OT security have in common? They are all on the radar of Beltug's Security Task Force!


44 companies have already joined Beltug’s newest task force, which aims to facilitate exchange on security threats, and enable its members to learn from each other’s work. It kicked off on 9 March, and already has a long, impressive list of topics to cover.


To name a few:

  • password-less authentication
  • zero trust
  • OT security
  • security awareness
  • ISMS
  • 3rd party risk
  • frameworks for risk evaluation
  • cloud security
  • security by design.

Other possibilities raised include: ransomware/extortion, security hardening, unified logging and SIEM, security compliance and defining security contractually.


With this task force up and running, Beltug now has a specialist group for each of its four main themes: Privacy, Innovation and SAM. And our CIO Cabinet keeps a more global view of what is top-of-mind for ICT decision makers.


If you are interested in joining the Beltug Security Task Force (users only!), read the Mission and Scope and then send an email to Danielle explaining your interest and what you can bring to the group.


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