The European roaming regulation became effective


The European regulation on roaming is effective.

Consumers will not feel the benefits of lower prices directly.

A Euro tariff is introduced, with maximum tariffs per minute for users (excl VAT):

                                      Outgoing            Receiving
2007                            49 eurocents       24 eurocents
2008                            46 eurocents       22 eurocents
2009                            43 eurocents       19 eurocents.

Here is the link to a leaflet with 10 tips to benefit from lower roaming charges as soon as possible (Dutch and French).

Roaming customers can either opt in or out for it. As a result, operators will still be able to offer tariffs either at a lower or higher rate. 

You can read all details of the decision in an excellent overview, made by Cullen International (5 pages), or read the regulation  (English version, also available in Dutch and French on the same site).

BELTUG comments

- After 8 years of continuous lobbying via INTUG (the International Users Group), BELTUG is pleased that we have had a very visible effect on the telecomms market on behalf of customers.
- We want to warn our members: SMS and mobile data are not in de regulations!! We will continue to plead to have an initiative for these services too.

BELTUG recommendations

1. Be prepared

Compare the Euro tariff with your tariffs, to be able to decide whether you want to continue with your existing conditions, or want to change to the Euro tariff.

2. Waste no time in telling your operator you want to benefit from the euro tariff

BELTUG is convinced a lot of companies pay higher tariffs than the Euro tariff.

• Operators will need to inform their clients of the euro tariff within one month of entry info force of the regulation;
• Roaming customers must make their choice (Euro tariff or not) known to their operator within a period of two months; and
• The requested tariff must be activated no later than one month at the customer’s request.

The customers who haven’t made their choice known shall be automatically provided with the Euro tariff.

This means: You could benefit the euro tariff 2 months earlier, once your operator has notified you of the Euro tariff.

3. No reason to extend existing contracts

The new tariffs cannot be used as an argument to change the duration of existing contracts.

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