Outsmarting hackers: security awareness from the CSC

The Cyber Security Coalition (CSC), of which Beltug is a proud member, is a partnership bringing together players from the academic world, the public authorities and the private sector to join forces in the fight against cyber crime. The Coalition has launched its annual cyber security awareness campaign, focussing this year on phishing.


Messages have become so sophisticated that we must all remember: no matter what your bank, ID app or CEO asks, no matter how urgent, NEVER provide passwords, pins, credit card codes, etc. through an attachment or by e-mail, phone call, SMS or social media.


The Coalition has updated the cyber security basics and also offers several other starter tools on awareness. Don't miss the Kahoot! game on safe homeworking, which can be played in small teams. All of this can be downloaded for free, and personalised with your organisation’s logo.


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