European Commission benchmarks how mobile operators comply with EU regulation on international roaming


The European Commission is benchmarking how mobile operators in all 27 member states are complying with the EU regulation on international roaming, which entered into force on July 30, 2007 (see BELTUG opinion piece “The European roaming regulation became effective”). The results of this EU benchmarking exercise were made available on August 2, 2007 at this website.

The benchmark results thus far are based on a questionnaire the Commission sent out to 95 operators.  Thus far, 74 have replied and most of those say they are complying with the new rules, i.e. they introduced the Eurotariff by July 2007.  Positive news is that some operators are offering lower prices than the regulation’s price ceiling.  Some operators also have automatically switched customers to the Eurotariff.   On the negative side, several operators from Finland, Latvia and Estonia have not responded to the questionnaire.  Also, one operator in Cyprus and one in Belgium have not yet complied with the regulation (although they say they will by September). 

The Commission will carry out a more detailed analysis in October 2007, in cooperation with the European Regulators Group. The results of this work will be presented to the European Parliament and Council by December 2008, and serve as the basis for deciding whether to prolong the regulation beyond June 30, 2010.  Important to note, a decision will also be made then whether to extend the regulation to data services, including SMS and MMS.

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