Beltug is inviting our members to join the new NIS2 Implementation Sounding Board, to give you a chance to exchange knowledge with your peers and help shape the implementation of the NIS2 in Belgium.

The goals of the NIS2 Implementation Sounding Board will be to:

  • Read and comment on the draft law
  • Stay informed of the latest developments
  • Actively solve issues around the implementation, and inform Beltug
  • Join Beltug for discussions with policy makers and stakeholders (when relevant)
  • Be open to participating in NIS2-related initiatives, from research, to input requests, etc.
Who can join the sounding board?

We are looking for people who will be implementing the NIS2 in their own organisations (although we may invite NIS2 consultants or advisors on an ad hoc basic for specific advice). Please note that in order to ensure that the group functions well, we may need to limit the number of participants.

What will sounding board members do?

Between June 2023 and October 2024, sounding board members will meet online each month (specifics to be decided by the members together). Occasionally, they will join Beltug in discussions with policy makers (online, in-person or hybrid, depending on the situation).

  • The sounding board will be open to security experts, public affairs professionals, compliance and legal experts, CIOs, etc.
  • To ensure diverse perspectives, we welcome differences in security maturity and knowledge of measures or policy frameworks
  • Sounding board members are expected to participate actively, and with discretion, knowledge and commitment. If Beltug is requested to sign any NDAs, sounding board members will be expected to do the same.

Is the NIS2 and its implementation your area of expertise? Contact us by email for more information, or to apply.